The Outlaws – Outlaws (1975)


Release Date: 1975
Genre: Blues, Southern Blues, Southern Rock
Label: Arista
USA (Florida)


The Outlaws’ self-titled debut was released in 1975, a few years after the Allman Brothers Band’s greatest glories and a couple of years before the untimely demise of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Outlaws latched onto their Southern heritage by way of Florida, threw in some harmony by way of the Eagles, and then wrote a number of songs that played to their strengths. The result was — and is — a good classic rock & roll album.

Line up:

Hughie Thomasson: lead guitar, vocals,
Billy Jones: lead guitar, vocals,
Monte Yoho: drums,
Frank O’Keefe: bass guitar,
Henry Paul: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals.


01. There Goes Another Love Song (3:07)
02. Song For You (3:34)
03. Song In The Breeze (3:08)
04. It Follows From Your Heart (5:23)
05. Cry No More (4:21)
06. Waterhole (2:06)
07. Stay With Me (3:32)
08. Keep Prayin’ (2:46)
09. Knoxville Girl (3:32)
10. Green Grass & High Tides (9:49)


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The Derek Trucks Band-Songlines (2006)


Release Date: February 21, 2006
Genre: Blues, Blues Rock, Southern Blues
Label: Columbia, Legacy


This is the sixth studio album by Derek Trucks and, perhaps, the one. Derek Trucks has been on an aesthetic quest for something since he began his own recording career in 1997 — apart from his membership in the Allman Brothers Band. This album’s title, Songlines, was inspired by the late author Bruce Chatwin’s description of aboriginal creation myths.This album was not recorded trying to capture a live performance in the confines of a studio. There are no tracks here that give way to loose jamming; these are songs. In fact, it was carefully crafted and executed. But the rawness, the energy, and the unpredictable musicality are everywhere present. (Thom Jurek, All Music)

Line up:

Derek Trucks – guitars, dobro
Yonrico Scott – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Todd Smallie – bass, vocal
Kofi Burbridge – Organ, piano, clavinet, flute, backing vocals
Mike Mattison – lead vocalist
Count M’Butu – percussion, vocals


01. Volunteered Slavery [2:05]
02. I’ll Find My Way [4:24]
03. Crow Jane [3:54]
04. Sahib Teri Bandi – Maki Mandi [9:55]
05. Chevrolet [2:24]
06. Sailing On [3:48]
07. Revolution [3:08]
08. I’d Rather Be Blind, Crippled & Crazy [4:35]
09. All I Do [6:32]
10. Mahjoun [2:28]
11. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) [4:07]
12. This Sky [6:32]


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Van Zant – Red White & Blue (Live) (2016)

Van Zant - Red White & Blue (Live) (2016)


USA FlagRelease Date: July 1, 2016
Genre: Blues, Rock, Southern Blues , Southern Rock, Country
Label: Loud & Proud Records
USA (Jacksonville, Florida)




The name “Van Zant” is synonymous with Southern Rock.Ronnie Van Zant was the leader of the genre, and the leader of Lynyrd Skynyrd. His death in the infamous plane crash took his status from hero to legend. « Red White & Blue » (Live), is a recently unearthed live Van Zant show recorded on January 28, 2006 at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia and is the only concert recording in existence from the only tour by brothers Johnny (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Donnie (38 Special).This ‘lost’ live album was discovered by Donnie’s 38 Special bandmate Larry Jungstron. It was Larry who had bought recording equipment and recorded the show, with the brothers’ permission. This album is a mixture of Van Zant’s rocking roots, as well as their love of country music. Donnie and Johnny knew their brother had always wanted to do a country record. He died before that dream could come true.They did it for Ronnie, but now, Loud & Proud has given the music to all of us! The Van Zants’ significant contribution to southern rock, country and popular music across the board have created an unparalleled legacy. They may even be The First Family of American Music. It doesn’t get any more Red White & Blue than that.



1. Takin’ Up Space (Live) (3:05)
2. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do (Live) (3:34)
3. Sweet Mama (Live) (3:29)
4. Wild Eyed Southern Boys (Live) (5:46)
5. Things I Miss The Most (Live) (4:08)
6. I Know My History (Live) (4:29)
7. Help Somebody (Live) (4:25)
8. Plain Jane (Live) (4:04)
9. I Can’t Help Myself (Live) (4:10)
10. I’m Doin’ Alright (Live) (4:00)
11. Red White & Blue (Live) (5:31)
12. My Kinda Country (Live) (4:17)
13. Call Me The Breeze (Live) (5:46)
14. Sweet Home Alabama (Live) (6:07)


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HowellDevine – Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju (2014)

HowellDevine - Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju (2014)



USA FlagOriginal Release Date: October 21, 2014
Genre: Blues, Electric Blues, Mississippi Blues, Delta Blues, Hill Country Blues, Southern Blues, Country Blues.
Label: Arhoolie Records
USA (Oakland, Ca)


HowellDevine was formed back in the Summer of 2011 when Joshua Howell and Pete Devine met each other in SF. They both realized that they had a similar love of the blues and instantly bonded musically! HowellDevine is back with another penetrating, soulful album. Joshua Howell, Pete Devine, and Joe Kyle Jr. play in a style evocative of the Mississippi juke joints of the ’30s and ’40s, but bring an energy and spirit all their own.

Line up:

Joshua Howell: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Pete Devine: drums and percussion
Joe Kyle Jr.: Bass






01. Can’t Be Satisfied (3:50)
02. It Won’t Be Long Now (3:30)
03. She Brought Life Back to the Dead (2:48)
04. Let You Go (2:48)
05. Sweet to Mama (4:41)
06. Woogie Man (6:18)
07. House in the Field (3:40)
08. Shake ‘Em On Down (5:20)
09. It’s Too Late Brother (4:00)
10. Rollin’ in Her Arms (4:33)
11. Railroad Stomp – Live in Pt. Richmond, CA (7:48)


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Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Unreleased KBFH Show (1975)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - The unrelesed KBFH show, front

USA FlagReleased: 1976
Recorded on November 6, 1975 in Cardiff, Wales
Presented by King Biscuit Flower Hour Records – 1995
Genre: Blues, Rock, Southern Blues, Texas Blues
Label: Bootleg / Unauthorized


Arguably, it can be said that Lynyrd Skynyrd is the quintessential American rock band. The epitome of Southern rock music, Skynyrd does not offer high-concept gloss. Instead, since its emergence from the Jacksonville, Fla. music scene, Skynyrd has consistently spoken about the harsh humanity facing the American everyman.After over 30 years in the business and 26 million records sold worldwide, the fire has yet to burn out. Knocks the spots off the official live release.One of the better Skynyrd boots, no doubt. The song lineup is similar to the tracks on other releases from the band’s 1975 European tour, but the performance, musicianship, mix, and overall sound quality is really phenonemenal.

Line up:

Ronnie Van Zant: lead vocals,
Allen Collins: rhythm and lead guitars,
Leon Wilkeson: bass, backing vocals,
Billy Powell: keyboards,
Ed King: lead and rhythm guitars, bass, backing vocals,
Artimus Pyle: drums, percussion.








01-Double Trouble
02-I Aint The One
03-Needle & Spoon
04-Saturday Night Special
05-Gimme 3 Steps
06-I Got The Same Old Blues
07-Simple Man
08-Whiskey Rock n’ Roller
09-Call Me The Breeze
10-T For Texas
11-Sweet Home Alabama

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The Royal Southern Brotherhood – Songs From The Road- Live In Germany

The Royal Southern Brotherhood - Songs From The Road-Live In Germany (2013)

USA Flag

Original Release Date: December 9, 2013
Label: Ruf Records
Genre: Blues Rock, Southern Rock
USA (New Orleans, Louisiana)




Ladies and Gentlemen: the Brotherhood are in the building. The date is October 24th, 2012. The place is the Crossroads Festival in Bonn, Germany. And the vibe is pure electricity, as modern rock’s musical dream-team tear it up for the legendary Rockpalast TV show. It’s surely no coincidence that the Royal Southern Brotherhood kick off their set that night with Fired Up!
« This so-called US Supergroup are quite simply, one of the most exciting live bands on the blues circuit and festival scene across the USA and Europe right now bar none. OK, they have some famous surnames peppered across the line-up, but just because you may have Royal genes does not guarantee that the talent was passed down a generation. » (Simon Redley Blues and Soul)

Line up:

Cyril Neville
Devon Allman
Mike Zito
Charlie Wooten





01. Fired Up! ( 6:15)
02. Hurts My Heart ( 5:02)
03. Gotta Keep Rockin’ ( 5:10)
04. Moonlight Over The Mississippi ( 5:37)
05. Left My Heart In Memphis ( 3:53)
06. Fire On The Mountain (13:06)
07. Band Introductions ( 1:22)
08. Ways About You ( 5:28)
09. Sweet Jelly Donut ( 6:53)
10. New Horizons ( 5:28)
11. All Around The World ( 3:53)
12. Gimme Shelter ( 6:53)

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