Moreland & Arbuckle – Promised Land or Bust (2016)

Moreland & Arbuckle - Promised Land or Bust


USA FlagRelease Date: May 6, 2016
Genre: Blues, Blues Rock, Roots
Label: Alligator Records
USA (Wichita, KS)



Promised Land Or Bust is as deep as delta blues and heavy as thundering rock, as the band continues to wring hard-hitting, modern roots music from traditional forms. Groove-friendly guitar spiced with sledgehammer riffs duels with raucous singing and harp playing, and both barely held in place by propulsive drumming. Even when the throttle is pulled back for a loping folk-tinged ballad or a noir-ish blues worthy of Tom Waits, the band’s intensity and raw emotion shine through.The beauty on Promised Land or Bust is that M&A approach the spiritual and carnal as forever inseparable. Here they are bound together in a rowdy, soulful, infectious whirllwind of modern blues; it’s all killer, no filler.

Line up:

Aaron Moreland: Electric, Acoustic, and Cigar Box Guitars
Dustin Arbuckle: Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Kendall Newby: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals

Scott Williams: Keyboards
Mark Foley: Bass
Matt Bayles: Keyboards, Guitar



1. Take Me With You (When You Go) (4:07)
2. Mean and Evil (3:17)
3. Hannah (4:50)
4. When the Lights Are Burning Low (3:05)
5. Woman Down in Arkansas (4:13)
6. Mount Comfort (4:14)
7. Long Did I Hide It (2:35)
8. Waco Avenue (3:00)
9. I’m a King Bee (2:49)
10. Long Way Home (3:09)
11. Why’d She Have to Go (And Let Me Down)? (3:36)



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VA – Alan Lomax – Popular Songbook (2003)

VA - Alan Lomax - Popular Songbook


USA FlagRelease Date: August 26, 2003
Genre: Blues, Roots
Label: Rounder



The late Alan Lomax, like his father John A.  Lomax before him, was one of America’s most influential and tireless scholars and chroniclers of folk and ethnic music. Yet Lomax also enthusiastically embraced rock n’ roll as it became a powerful cultural force in the 1950s.  He also had a life-long fascination with the evolution of music performances and how particular songs were adapted from one style or era to the next. Since Alan Lomax spent his life traveling American and European backroads in search of genuine folk songs, it’s difficult to think of his name in conjunction with popular music. Popular Songbook, though, asks the listener to do just that, and the collection’s reasoning for doing so is a sound one. A number of songs Lomax gathered on his collecting trips later became popular hits by other artists.

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01. Joe Lee’s Rock – Boy Blue – 3:39
02. Do Re Mi – Woody Guthrie – 3:33
03. Jesus On The Mainline – James Shorty, Viola James – 3:39
04. Midnight Special – Leadbelly – 2:56
05. Stagolee – Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, Big Bill Broonzy – 2:21
06. Trouble So Hard – Vera Ward Hall – 1:38
07. Motherless Children – Felix Dukes, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Como – 2:53
08. Sometimes – Bessie Jones – 0:56
09. Black Betty – James ‘Iron Head’ Baker and Group – 1:28
10. Take A Whiff On Me – Leadbelly – 2:18
11. Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby – Sidney Lee Carter – 1:04
12. Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad – Woody Guthrie – 4:08
13. Rock Island Line – Kelly Pace and Group – 1:47
14. Join The Band – John Davies and The Georgia Sea Island Singers – 1:05
15. Sloop John B. (Hoist Up The John B.’s Sails) – Cleveland Simmons Group – 2:36
16. Man Smart, Woman Smarter – Macbeth The Great – 2:46
17. Ugly Woman (If You Wanna Be Happy) – Duke Of Iron – 2:57
18. The Gallows Pole – Leadbelly – 6:25
19. Rosie (Inside Looking Out) – C.B. and Axe Gang – 3:10
20. Alborada De Vigo – Jose Maria Rodriguez – 1:08
21. The House Of The Rising Sun (Rising Sun Blues) – Georgia Turner – 1:33
22. Irene Goodnight (Goodnight Irene) – Leadbelly – 4:38


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Shane Dwight – This House (2014)

Shane Dwight - This House (2014)


USA FlagRelease Date: April 28, 2014
Genre: Blues, Contemporary Blues, Roots
Label: Eclecto Groove Records
USA (Nashville, TN)


This House finds Dwight maintaining his blues-based roots, while also allowing for the influences of his current Nashville surroundings to seep into his music. Dwight is joined by special guest vocalist Bekka Bramlett (daughter of Delaney and Bonnie), along with a cast of Nashville’s finest, including members of John Hiatt and Delbert McClinton’s recording and touring bands.

Line up:

Shane Dwight – voc/gtrs,
Lynn Williams – drums,
Kenneth Blevins – drums/perc,
Kevin McKendree – keys/acoustic gtr,
Steve Mackey – bass,
Doug Lancio – gtr,
Paul Ossola – upright bass (1 track),
Bekka Bramlett – backing voc and lead voc (1 track).







01. This House
02. We Can Do This
03. Fool
04. Sing For Me
05. It’s Gonna Be Beautiful
06. Devil’s Noose
07. Stepping Stone
08. Never Before
09. I’m A Bad Man
10. Losing Ground
11. Bad For You
12. Crazy Today

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Willie May – Moon Chillun

Willie May - Moon Chillun (2013)

USA FlagRelease Date: August 20, 2013
Genre: Blues, Country, Rock, Roots
Label: Willie May



A mix of roots, rock, reggae, Cajun, country, and blues blended into a spicy and soulful stew.

Willie May has performed in basements, barns, garages, street corners, speak-easies, house trailers, preschool, high school, colleges, radio, television, bars, concert halls, outdoor festival arenas, and inside Attica prison. Willie has taken his original blend of music to the blues clubs from The LaFayette Tap Room in Buffalo to Antones in Austin, TX, The Black Swan in Toronto, The Penny Arcade in Rochester, The Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, The Slippery Noodle in Indianapolis, Fat Fish Blue in Cleveland, Bflo Blues in Pittsburgh, and to countless other venues on thousands, yes thousands, of occasions. Willie May has performed back to back on stage with Alvin Lee, Steve Marriott, John Kay and Steppenwolf, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Otis Clay, The Climax Blues Band, Zorra Young, Jerry Portnoy, The Legendary Blues Band, Buddy Guy, Lonnie Brooks, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Sue Foley, L.A. Jones, Chris Duarte, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Stan Szelest, Chris Beard, Rock Bottom, James Cotton, Big Jack Johnson, Dangerous Dan Toler, Derek Trucks, Freddie Salem and many more. The Willie May Band is a 5 time Buffalo Area Music Award winner voted Western New York Blues Beat Magazine’s Band of the Year.





01. Riverside Blues (3:46)
02. Geraldine (3:11)
03. Back to Glory (3:35)
04. Blues Parade (4:10)
05. Don’t Know Where (4:03)
06. Jason Twisted My Arm Blues (3:18)
07. Sometimes (3:50)
08. Thirty Days (3:46)
09. On Vacation (4:54)
10. Everything Is Alright (3:23)


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Eddie Kirkland – Pick Up The Pieces

First Released : 1980
Label: JSP
Reissue Release: 24/10/2011

How many Jamaican-born bluesmen recorded with John Lee Hooker and toured with Otis Redding? It’s a safe bet there was only one: Eddie Kirkland, who engaged in some astonishing on-stage acrobatics over the decades (like standing on his head while playing guitar on TV’s Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert). By 1980, when he made this CD, Eddie Kirkland was already a blues legend. That was little help to him – legend or not, the blues was in one of its perennial quiet periods. When JSP boss John Stedman came across him in a New York club, it turned out that Eddie was not only looking for a record deal, but he had a set of songs ready for release. Here’s the result – the sides from an LP that has never before been transferred to CD and, for the first time, some tracks that didn’t (for space reasons) make it onto the original album. This is hard blues by a master who’s seen it all. If the business is in a trough, so what – the man still gives of his best. The previously unreleased material is from a different session – a little funkier and with a fascinating alternative version of the title song.

Tracklisting :

01 : Pick up the pieces
02 : Why can’t I be your backdoor man instead
03 : Turning point
04 : Walking at midnight
05 : Don’t monkey around with me
06 : Write my baby a letter
07 : Working man
08 : I’ve got to leave your town
09 : I’m a stranger
10 : Pick up the pieces

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John Pippus – Wrapped Up In The Blues

Released: 31/08/2011
Genre: Contemporary Acoustic Blues,Electric Blues,Roots
Label: John Pippus Socan

John Pippus is a musician on the west coast of Canada who truly deserves some attention. « Wrapped Up In The Blues » is a pretty innovative recording bringing to mind all sort of imagery from John Cale and Lou Reed to Brian Wilson. That isn’t to say that Johns recordings resembles anyone but that it conjures images of the settings and writing styles of my past. Nine of the ten included tracks are originals and the one track, Preachin’ Blues by Son House is highly interpretive. John has given you a fresh look at the blues with a style unlike most. It is primarily an acoustic effort and worth the listen.


1. When My Baby Loves Me
2. Airplane Woman
3. Tell Me Why
4. Walk Away
5. One World
6. I Dreamed About Muddy Waters Last Night
7. Coming Home Blues
8. Hard Headed Woman
9. Son’s House
10. Preachin’ Blues

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The Delta Saints

Release : 10/2011

Genre: Blues / Rock / Roots Music
Label : DixieFrog
Location NASHVILLE, Tennessee

The Delta Saints are an interesting mix of delta blues, rock, and soul with a solid groove oriented rhythm section, furious harmonica lines, and a Dobro tone that will melt your soul.

Line up:

Ben Ringel- Vox/Dobro
Dylan Fitch- Guitar
Ben Azzi- Drums
Greg Hommert-Harmonica
David Supica- Bass


1-A Bird Called Angola
2-Good in White
3-Company of Thieves
6-Pray On
7-Voodoo Walk
8-Callin’ Me Home
9-Swamp Groove
10-3000 Miles
11-Train Song

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Ben Prestage – One Crow Murder

Year Of Release: 12/06/2011
Label: Self released

Genre: Roots, Delta blues, Slide guitar blues


[5:34] 1. Tell the Devil I’m Gone
[3:28] 2. Amsterdam Rag
[4:08] 3. The Ballad of Ray and Ruby
[4:20] 4. Take Sick and Die
[5:37] 5. One Crow Murder
[4:10] 6. When I 1st Met You Baby
[4:56] 7. I Wish I Was in New Orleans
[5:12] 8. Shine, Moon
[5:59] 9. If You Want Me to Love You
[3:59] 10. 3 Hots and a Cot
[3:20] 11. See What My Buddy Done
[3:11] 12. Fishin’ in the Dark
[5:33] 13. Hoot With the Owl

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