Big Apple Blues – Live At O’Flaherty’s (2012)


Release Date:November 27, 2012
Genre: Blues, Swamp Blues, Blues Rock
Label: Stone Tone Records
USA (New York City)


Fourth album by New York’s TOP blues cats whose previous album (Big Apple Blues: “Brooklyn Blues”, StoneToneRecords, Inc) was voted # 10 out of 100 best recent blues releases by Real Blues Magazine. “Live at O’Flaherty’s” captures raucous, sweltering, energy-oozing live performance of Big Apple Blues in a NYC club. To top it off, the CD was recorded unlike any other album in the last 3 decades – using old school, brutally revealing ½” vintage 70’s stereo Ampex tape recorder with virtually no postproduction. The result is – Blues like it is meant to be – true to the bone and free of studio tricks! Turn up loud and enjoy!

Line up:

Anthony Kane – Vocals, Harmonica
Zach Zunis – Guitars
Admir « Dr Blues » Hadzic – Bass
Barry Harrison – Drums


01. Slammer 05:17
02. How Long Can A Bell Ring (How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong) 06:05
03. Brooklyn Swamp 06:02
04. Zach’s Mood 05:31
05. Black Night 07:14
06. Chitlins Con Carne 05:55
07. Cleo’s Mood 04:18
08. Come Back Baby 05:31
09. Midtown Blowout 05:19
10. Walk Right Up To Me Baby 04:27


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Uphill – Uphill (2009)



USA FlagRelease Date: June 14, 2009
Genre: Blues, Swamp Blues, Rockin’ Blues
Label: Self Released




Uphill plays blues straight out of the swampland. With a mix of original blues and revitalized versions of lost classics from Texas to Chicago, Uphill has brought their own Carolina tang to the table since 2005. Injected with humor, passion and mojo, Uphill has a unique sound: steeped in tradition yet utterly, ferociously alive.

Line up:

Deacon Blues: Guitar, Vocals,Harp,
Chris “Catdaddy” Palestrant: Keyboards,
Tim Orton: Bass,
Isaiah Hunter: Drums.



1. Speed Train Blues (2:08)
2. Killin’ Floor (4:00)
3. Rockin’ Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu (3:12)
4. Hot Rod Lincoln (2:32)
5. Big Easy (6:39)
6. Drop Top (3:59)
7. My Time (Might Be Over) (4:27)
8. Flip, Flop And Fly (3:03)
9. Nightlife (5:51)
10. The Legend Of The One Honest Man (3:15)
11. Help Me (6:17)
12. One More Mile (6:33)
13. Miner Swang (4:49)


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Los Blues Morning Singers – Los Blues Morning Singers (2015)

Los Blues Morning Singers – Los Blues Morning Singers (2015)



Spain flag-M-animOriginal Release Date: July 25, 2015
Genre: Blues, Harmonica Blues
Label: Rock Cd Records
Spain (Bilbao)




Electro-acoustic formation 100 % dedicated to the Blues in all his variants and forms; offering an elegant digest that well can transport the
listener to the humid sound of Delta as well as to the most sharp electrical blues of the Chicago of the 50s, crossing in this musical trip the
dance jump-blues of the Coast West or of New Orleans.

Line up:

Mario »Big Man Finger Picking »:Acoustic guitar, Dobro, Vocals,
Carlos »Almost Blind Charly »:Harps,




01. I Can’t Be Satisfied (3:15)
02. I’m Ready (4:51)
03. My Babe (3:18)
04. Help Me (5:57)
05. Boom Boom! Out Go The Lights (3:06)
06. Stormy Monday (5:59)
07. Ain’t That Just Like A Woman (3:06)
08. Am I Wrong (3:46)
09. Walkin’ To My Baby (4:08)
10. Ode To Billy Joe (5:51)

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Howling Owl – Let The Dog See The Rabbit (2014)

Howling Owl - Let The Dog See The Rabbit (2014)

Great-Britain-180-animated-flag-gifsOriginal Release Date: March 12, 2014
Genre: Blues, Swamp Blues Rock
Label: Howling Owl
UK (London)


To describe Howling Owl as a disparate bunch would be something of an understatement. Varying wildly in both age and geographical roots, this quartet, who have finally found a home in North London, reflect their Heinz 57 personalities through their music.A hybrid mix of blues, folk, and deep-south swamp rock are all very much part of the Owl experience.There is however, something quintessentially English about Howling Owl.In short, if you’re after a blinding night out and love your Dr. Hook as well as your Dr. Feelgood, you should make a date with Howling Owl.

Line up:

Nick Powell: Howl, Harp, Slide and Rhythm Guitars
Ian Bryant: Lead Guitar
Toby Opperman: Bass, Howl
Matthew Brown: Drums, Howl
Malcolm Haines: Keyboards






01. Let The Dog See The Rabbit (3:24)
02. I Done (3:17)
03. Fifteen Women (2:26)
04. Snake Hips (3:32)
05. The Devil’s Slide (3:30)
06. Roses ’round The Door (4:02)
07. You Say I’m Dreamy (4:38)
08. New Best Friend (3:37)
09. Sweet Angelena’s Smile (4:37)
10. Oily Rag (4:01)
11. The Hanging Tree (3:50)

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Tony Joe White – Hoodoo

Tony Joe White - Hoodoo (2013)

USA FlagRelease Date: September 17, 2013
Genre: Blues, Country Rock, Swamp Blues
Label: Yep Roc Records



2013 album from the veteran singer/songwriter. Awash in danger, spiritual uncertainty, and environmental fury, Hoodoo’s lyrical concerns are matched by a particularly intense strain of White’s trademark swamp funk.







01 – The Gift [00:04:23]
02 – Holed Up [00:04:44]
03 – Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now [00:04:28]
04 – 9 Foot Sack [00:05:54]
05 – Alligator, Mississippi [00:04:21]
06 – The Flood [00:07:30]
07 – Storm Comin’ [00:04:26]
08 – Gypsy Epilogue [00:05:05]
09 – Sweet Tooth [00:04:37]

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Robert ‘Top’ Thomas- The Town Crier

USA FlagOriginal Release Date: February 19, 2013
Genre: Swamp Blues
Label: WildRoots Records
USA (Florida)

Thomas has a perfect gruff blues voice. He sounds a little like Watermelon Slim which is a compliment.On every song you can hear a very good band playing with joy and taste. This cd is a terrific effort.Let’s watch for whatever Robert ‘Top’ Thomas does next.

Line up:

Robert ‘Top’ Thomas: Lead vocals,lead guitar
Stephen Dees: bass, guitars, backing vocals and percussion
Billy Dean: drums
Stephen Kampa (winner of the 2012 Florida Harmonica Championship harmonica.
01. Mississippi Quickie 03:27
02. Blues Grass 03:05
03. The Same Thing Could Happen To You 02:35
04. Lazy Little Daisy 03:45
05. King Snake Crawl 04:14
06. Bad Seed (Feat. Victor Wainwright) 05:09
07. What’s The Matter Ma 01:48
08. Sugar Shop 03:15
09. Yeehaw Junction 03:05
10. I’m A Freight Train (Feat. Damon Fowler) 02:48
11. Daddy’s Gone (Feat. Brandon Santini) 02:45
12. The Town Crier 04:03
13. It Ain’t Easy 02:57

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