Southbound Snake Charmers-Voodoo Chicken Shack (2016)


Release Date: January 29, 2016
Genre: Blues, Blues Rock, Dirty Blues
Label:Snakehaus / Coastal Studios


Like their last EP this is a great modern blues rock record with a nod to the great British blues boom of the late 70’s like Taste and Groundhogs.Bluesrock with a good share of southern boogie: it’s Stevie Ray Vaughan-ish Texas blues grooves fronted with psych/garage vocal stylings.

Line up:

Chris Denman: Vocals Guitar
Daniel Tyrrell: Guitar
Nat Sutphin: Bass Guitar
Brooke Maloney: Drums


01. Slave To The Groove 05:26
02. Ride On 04:12
03. Nothin’ To Lose 05:33
04. Voodoo Woman 04:18
05. Moonshine Runners Blues 04:31


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Southbound Snake Charmers – The Dirty Blues (2014)


Release Date: February 16, 2014
Genre: Blues, Blues Rock, Dirty Blues
Label: Kelkonic Studio


The debut EP from Melbourne’s Southbound Snake Charmers.The Southbound Snake Charmers are a Blues Rock power trio that use elements of Psychedelia, Stoner, Swamp and Voodoo Blues to conjure up their own unique sound, producing an eclectic experience the band like to call « Big Chunky Grooving Psychedelic Electric Dirty Blues! »

Line up:

Nathaniel Sutphin: bass
Brooke Maloney: drums
Daniel Tyrrell: guitar
Chris Denman: vocals, guitar, harmonica


01. Midnight 03:41
02. Devil’s Blues 05:05
03. Don’t Make A Fool (Slight Return) 05:17
04. Roof 05:16
05. Spaghetti Western Trilogy 07:49


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Wreckin’ So – Hillbilly Blues: Live Off The Floor (2014)

Wreckin' So - Hillbilly Blues- Live Off The Floor (2014)


USA FlagReleased Date: May 29, 2014
Genre: Blues, Dirty Blues, Blues Rock
Label: Wreckin’ So
Canada (Winnipeg Manitoba)


This live off the floor recording was performed April 2014 at Paradise Alley. Capturing the band’s raw, dirty blues and ecclectic on-stage
sound. Wreckin’ SO keeps busy energizin’ the hillbilly blues.Home built instruments (The Diddley Bo & The Hub Cap Guitar) & mad cap drumming fill out a fiercely original rock’n’blues band thawing out the Great Northern Tundra.

Line up:

Brent ‘Come Back Kid’ Alarie : vocals, diddley bo, hubcap, guitars, heart strings, mandolin,
Bobby ‘Cheese’ Macc: guitars
Paul ‘Animal’ Pommer: drums
The Jeebus of Bergville: trout
Dan ‘Bad News’ Brown: harps




01. Last Train Out (3:37)
02. Hitchhike To Freedom (5:02)
03. Come Runnin’ Back To Me (4:20)
04. More Than Best Friends (5:46)
05. One Night Stand (3:09)
06. Still Smokin’ (3:12)
07. There Is A Woman (She’s The One That Got Away) (6:07)


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Dave Herrero & The Hero Brothers Band – Corazon

Release Date: December 18, 2012
Genre: Dirty Blues
Label: CD Baby.Com/Indys

This 2012 release is the bands 3rd offering, »It’s like a metamorphosis out of the old and into the now, » says Dave Herrero, we’re combining old-school sensibilities and modern recording technology, and bringing the two worlds together in a much different way than we have in the past. »This is a brave new sound by the band but they still hung on to their blues roots. This is a diverse collection of songs.

Line up:

Dave Herrero: Lead guitar,vocals
Felix Reyes: Guitar,vocals
Ed Strohsahl: Bass
Andrew Blaze Thomas: Drums



01 – Old Sun [00:03:37]
02 – It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry [00:03:22]
03 – Angeline [00:03:43]
04 – Lover Man Ii [00:04:07]
05 – After The Rain [00:05:11]
06 – Cheatin’ Blues [00:05:32]
07 – So I Can Die Easy [00:03:26]
08 – Mean Wicked World [00:03:13]
09 – Wont Be Too Long [00:04:04]
10 – Old Lovin’ Feeling [00:05:35]
11 – Rollin’ N Tumblin’ [00:06:17]

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