Happy New Year ….! Blues must go on !!!

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Lightnin’ Malcolm – Rough Out There


USA FlagReleased Date: 21/05/2013
Genre: Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Label: Shakedown Records
USA (Clarksdale, MS)



Lightnin Malcolm has come to exemplify the modern day Deep Blues Guitar groove. Its a sound which traces back to the origins of blues, when asingle guitarist rocked the house all night long. When these ancient droning patterns consisting of bass, rhythm, and lead syncopated togetherare plugged into modern sound systems and teamed up with driving drum beats, Malcolms guitar becomes larger than life, bringin state of the artprimal Mississippi Juke Joint Blues to the big stage.Released in the spring of 2013, « Rough Out There » contains 14 original songs that continueto push the hill country sound into a modern fusion that displays the many talents of Lightnin Malcolm yet continues to hold true to the roots ofthat style of music.







01. Workin’ 04:13
02. My Life’s A Wreck 04:48
03. Dellareesa 03:50
04. Reality Check 05:16
05. So Much Trouble 05:29
06. Rough Out There 04:39
07. Took Too Long 05:58
08. Givin’ You Away 03:07
09. Money 04:44
10. Chiefs 03:46
11. Young Woman, Old Fashioned Ways 04:48
12. Mama 05:36
13. Stomp Yo Feet, Clap Yo Hands 06:24
14. How Blessed You Are 03:32


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Planete Blues

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A stalk of poetry….


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Jack O’Lantern !!!

         Treats   ???

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